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WILDCATS vs HUSKERS - @ Hawks Field - 4-21-15 - 5:58 audio - 6:15 video


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I may have to send Greg an email. First of all, Humble, TX is pronounced UM-bull. And it is nowhere near Waco. Humble is a suburb of Houston. I used to live there.


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ph in the on deck circle

Ryan ab

Leuty on deck

last game going on
in the conf

over for a called strike

245, 6ft 8in

fouled off, 3b side


Huskers hit this guy well,
earlier in the season

fouled off


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lh Matt Leuty
his debut

Halbohn steps off

on the outside,
fast ball

0-1 count

chop foul!

0-2 count


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Blake ab - 3b - lh

we need an insurance run!!

hit up the middle!!


long time in between hits!


he was 0for17!!