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Why do I keep hearing LM is going to transfer?


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The transfer portal is not ruining college football. Huskers losing all the time is making college football less interesting for most of us I think.

If Justin Fields or Joe Burrow transferred to Nebraska I don’t think anyone on the board would say it is ruining college football.

If Burrow didn’t transfer to LSU we would not have seen his historic season last year. If Burrow stayed at Ohio State he may only have seen mop up duty. His transfer certainty helped college football and himself.

The 4 team playoff is also not a bad thing. With 130 teams there should be at least 4 teams, if not more, that deserve a chance to win a championship. A few years back there were 3 undefeated power 5 teams (the year Auburn was left out of title game).

I find it strange that freshman decide to leave before a season begins but to each their own. Nebraska just needs to learn and adapt, which I think it has done. Know the guys you are recruiting and accept the fact guys will transfer out and in.


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Sorry, LM is nowhere close to Gebbia. He is great in packages but not as an every down QB.
Agree he’s not now he’s played one year of QB in high school and he’s still a freshman after two college seasons. Don’t underestimate a young man with a dream, the athletic ability, and work ethic to make it happen.