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Why are we not hearing about Ronald Thompkins?

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Not be a language nazi, but I found this, from Grammarbook.com, to be a pretty funny comment on "road to hoe" vs "row to hoe": "A road handles a lot of foot traffic and takes a beating from bicycles and cars. No one but a lunatic would want to hoe a road."
Actually i laugh at all of the malapropisms that occur on this board, and, honestly in day to day conversation. It can be kind of a game to see who can find the most mistakes between some of my friends.

Of course, if you point out an error from a moderator, you are risking vacation time so PoC is a brave soul. Sole? No, soul...LOL


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If nit, maybe a
You never know, though . . . ACL repairs being what they've become, you can see guys with more than one repair (sometimes on the same knee) come back pretty strong. He had some time to heal up the major repairs, so hopefully he's one of those dudes who can make a run at full recovery and some decent football life?
If not, maybe a switch to a non-football medical hardship scholarship?


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Any word on how he is progressing from his injury. His HS film is outstanding and if healthy, he could be a factor. With a year in the system, he could hit the ground running next year (no pun intended)


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As a highly rated RB coming out oif HS, he sat because of HS injuries. Has he healed and will he be ready in the spring?
If rather not hear anything about anyone, heard enough hype last offseason that amounted to not much. Hopefully he does what he needs to do and come out next season and plays his heart out and has a stellar year. Just don't care to hear how awesome he's gonna be only to get humbled "sigh" again