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Who was the best/your favorite FB?


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Wasn't that against Nick Foles or was he not there yet?
It was indeed against Foles, who was a sophomore. Zac Lee whipped him in the box score that game.

UA: N. Foles, 6-20-1, 28 yds, 0 TDs
NU: Zac Lee 13-23-0, 173 yds, 1 TD

Alex Henery probably could have beaten Arizona by himself that night. He was a perfect 4/4 on field goals, including a 50-yarder. Plus, he managed to bury three different punts inside the 'Zona 15 yard line. Arizona only attempted to return a single punt and they lost a yard when they did.

The defense recovered an INT, forced a fumble and sacked Foles twice.

Offense managed three TDs - one from Lee on the aforementioned Suh-Fullback Fake Out, plus a bomb to Niles Paul and another by a freshman tailback known as Rex Burkhead.

With all the Super Bowl hype, it's funny to reminisce about a different bowl game that saw Suh draw his Husker campaign to a close and Rex begin to open up his own legacy.

Highlights below, plus the full game can be found linked on the HMax Game page:



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Kinney was an I back.

Roger Craig was my fav FB, especially when he played for the 'niners. First FB to rush and receive for 1000 yards. I can still see him high stepping out of the grasp of would-be tacklers.


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Lots of great FBs at Nebraska ... I am a bit biased with Cory Schlesinger though ... his 4th quarter Orange Bowl performance is how I will likely always view Nebraska.