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Who was the best/your favorite FB?


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I loved Bryan Carpenter for his "I was never down" screen against CU. That was a fun play, and he was clearly down.

Roger Craig in 1982 deciding to get on the field as a fullback has got to be up there with the biggest team moves I've ever heard of. He was clearly an all conference running back, but not the best on the team. Today he might have been tempted to transfer for his senior year, but back then he took the lemons and made a pretty good drink.

I think he'll get nominated into the NFL HOF in the next couple of years.
He'll get nominated for the NFL HOF ... probably won't have enough support to make it.

He had one hugely critical goal-line fumble against Texas that cost NU the game!

Loved watching him and Rathman raise havoc in San Francisco.


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By decade and/or coaching staff and side of ball:
70s: JR on O. Willie Harper on D
80s: O Rimington, D Broderick Thomas
90s Osborne: O Tommy. D (tough!) Mike Brown gets nod by a hair over Wistrom
90s early 2000s Solich: O Raiola, D/ST Groce (Super Demorio super close)
Callahan: O Zac Taylor (would be T. Nunn if he didn't drop pass against Texas). D C. Grixby
Pelini: O Ganz. D Suh
Riley: O Westy. D Kalu

Some really tough ones to leave off: B. Ruud (you know which one), Johnny Mitchell, Ed Stewart, Ralph Brown, Fonoti, Craver, Minter, C. Polk, J. Foreman, KENNY WALKER, Peter bros., Gdowski, Bullocks bros., Calvin Jones and Derek Brown.

Fun, but rough exercise with all the great ones.


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Rathman. Franklin. Schlesinger for how he brought the 94 title home. Makovicka.

Love the Lance Lewis and Omar Soto mentions.

Wonder how much Andra could have done if he never got hurt in the NFL. Stud.

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I'm going to say Dan Schneiss, because that's when this Husker sickness seed took root! Though you gotta love Schles and Rathman.


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Loved the Mackovickas. Have to like anyone that opened the holes for the I-backs to receive the glory. FB was a position of mostly sacrificing the body.
I was on the CU sideline for Rathman’s game breaking run in 1985. It quickly reminded me why I quit playing after jr high. As he hit full speed, I was thinking “it is someone’s job to get in front of that?”
I was at NU when Wilkening quit football and remember the surprising reasons. I was at Orange Bowl against LSU where he (almost positive it was him) dropped that fake kick pass while running uncovered down the sideline. Oh well, we won anyway. I’ll never forget hearing crying in the stands as the clock wound down. It was a couple from LSU with tears streaming down their faces.