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Who Is The Assistant...


Actually ran into this coach after the round of 32 match. A fan asked him directions to the natty trophies and he was super nice about it.

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From the Sipple article above...
Jaylen Reyes radiated energy Wednesday during a gray and drab day that screamed "December in Minnesota."

Standing in the deep recesses of the Target Center, the 26-year-old Nebraska volleyball assistant was literally living a dream. You can call that corny or you can call it what it is: Reyes is a rising star in his profession and having the time of his life.

He proudly tells you he's the son of a longtime college volleyball coach, Tino Reyes, and hopes to make his own mark in the profession.

He makes no bones that he's coaching for someone he idolizes.

He's in charge of coordinating the defense for the nation's top defensive team.

And, yeah, Nebraska is in the Final Four again.

"It's pretty cool looking around here and seeing all this excellent treatment the girls get," Reyes said as an ESPN crew beckoned for Husker players outside their locker room, which was a few feet from the Minnesota Timberwolves' locker room.

"We're in a building where an NBA team plays," he added, surveying the scene with a charming sense of wonder. "I don't think it's all really set in yet. I'm focused on Illinois."