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Who impressed you the most today?


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Yant, Ervin, Manning, Corcoran, Toure,
Toby Wright. Wright is still jacked!

I thought AM looked quicker and in control. He needs to stay healthy. Haarberg is going to be the backup IMO. He needs time but the tools are there.
The O Line actually looks like an O line. We will see.
Nice post. Toby Wright and Barron still look pretty good. Toby could bring the wood. Wish the Red Barron would teach our coaches and kids how to attack the punt.

Agree with all except Haarberg. I think he has a ways to go. Consider who he was playing against.

Still think we should look for a Grad xfer or to get someone from portal. for QB
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Phillysker, I agree with you on QB. However, I don't know how they get someone to come when they know that 2AM will start. Haarberg needs time but may be pressed into duty before he is ready. I like the athleticism of Smothers but don't see him making all the throws that need to be made in this offense. Smothers would have to run a very run heavy version of our O. If 2AM stays healthy I could see 7 or maybe 8 wins with the new WR crew he has. If he goes down, I don't think Smothers or Haarberg will be ready for BIG play.
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1st I thought TMart was selling houses now.
2nd most of the day 2AM was throwing pretty good. Long balls were probably affected by the 30 mile wind gusts.
I will address my egregious typo.

I really only saw a smattering of plays. I was multitasking a great deal. I didn’t know the wind was that bad until I saw a comment posted after mine.

I will go back later this week or next and watch far more intently.


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Wind was crazy. On replays, one can easily see the ball get thrown off trajectory. Maybe TO put in a strong prayer to amp up the running game. Lol
I was very busy and only caught a few glimpses. My cousin complaint is we ought to be practicing outdoors if we are playing outdoors. The wind blows and we have to deal with it. There is no excuse that the wind was bad. It’s bad for both teams.


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Not sure how the TMart occurred. Yikes! I certainly wasn’t drinking that early! Maybe it was auto incorrect.
Dude don't sweat it. I was just jerkin your chain. I have almost made that mistake about 100 times at least. 2 QBs both named Martinez both very fast both with TO issues. I wonder why our brain gets them mixed up?


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Yant looks interesting, AM looked no different to me, but he did run harder, but then again no body was allowed to put a hit on him, that makes a difference.

IMO, all the talk about how AM changed, we will end up seeing the same AM during the season.
I thought AM looked slimmer and faster running. He stayed in the pocket and did his check downs several times. He did still show signs of erratic play at times, but I thought overall he was improved.
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