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Who do you want for Nebraska’s OC?

Who do you want to get for the OC?

  • Robert Anae

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • Graham harrell

    Votes: 3 4.8%
  • Brent Davis

    Votes: 16 25.8%
  • Josh lynn

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • Warren Ruggiero

    Votes: 7 11.3%
  • Willy Korn

    Votes: 29 46.8%
  • Zach hill

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Kevin Kelly

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Terry Hanratty

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • tom Herman

    Votes: 5 8.1%

  • Total voters


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There are likely some huskermax members more in the know than me, and certainly several that think they are. Either one can mention names to add to the pole or give a better summary of the candidates, I’ll edit them into the OP. Thought it be interesting to see where we all go..

Robert Anae: OC at Virginia for bronco mendenhall who is stepping down. Has history as OL coach and a running game coordinator I believe for mike stoops and rich Rodriguez at Arizona as well as time at BYU. Of Somoan decent and crew in Hawaii.

Graham Harrell: OC and QB coach at USC. Not likely to hold position with the coaching change. Cut his teeth as a QB at texas tech under mike leach and also coached under leach and Dana Holgorsen’s air raid. Would be the 3RD QB on offensive staff.

Brent Davis: OC at army that runs a triple option based running game as well as serving as the Oline coach. routinely has the cadets ranked in the top 5 nationally in rushing and would likely bring some much need discipline to go along with frost and joseph's passing game credentials.

josh Lynn:
I chose Josh Lynn from UNK! He started with run based offense and evolved to multiple offense as he got athletes to run it. I want a guy that can use what he has and go with it.

warren ruggiero: OC from wake forest that runs similar offense that we have had the last 4 years. has been with the demon deacons since 2014 and would likely serve as QB coach. another former QB to go along with joseph and frost in the offensive coaches room.

Willy Korn: OC from coastal carolina that coach frost has had extensive collaboration with in the off season. runs a option based offense that is quit fun and would likely mesh well with joseph and frost. played under dabo swinney at clemson as a.....wait for it ..you guessed it QB.

zach hill: OC from arizona state. also serves as QB coach and worked at boise state prior in same capacity. been rumored to be a candidate for the auburn OC opening......you guessed it, former QB.

kevin Kelley: former Presbyterian head coach whom is know for not punting (and not running). he stepped down to pursue other football opportunities.
was quoted as saying "I am proud that we were #1 in the country in passing and #3 in the country in total offense at a school without scholarships."

terry hanratty: former NFL QB for the steelers of the 70's prior to terry bradshaw taking over. not sure if he can coach or not but he played QB so why wouldn't he be included?

Tom Herman: former head coach at houston and the University of texas. was OC under urban Meyers at OSU and also worked at iowa state and rice. read somewhere that he believes in power running with spread offense.
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Interesting concept. Asking people for an affirmative response of who they like instead of just who they don’t like a candidate.

I would like to see improvement in power running with some creative options like we were doing last year. But we have to be able to pass well, run a two minute offense etc. if Brent Davis can help oline be smash mouth without turning us into a one dimensional offense (which I think Frost and Joseph would add passing balance), then he’d be my choice.

I also like Willy Korn if we add a great oline coach.

Regardless, I’ll get behind whoever it is.

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I’m for Whoever gives the best chance to score & win. HCSF as well as the rest of us need this to get rolling soon. Don’t know enough about the candidates & can do nothing but hope & trust somebody in charge knows what they’re doing, especially since nobody gave me a say. I was hoping OC was part of MJ’s title but if he’s good with the AHC, so am I. No doubt the OC will benefit from coaching with MJ.

….plus the offense needs to dominate the LOS, get 3rd downs when it needs to, eat the clock, manipulate tempo, coach up everybody & score & score and score.


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I enjoyed the Costal Carolina offense, so I would also be good with Willy Korn (even with recognizing he doesn't call plays). My vote is still for Ruggiero though.

I trust Frost to make the best choice to succeed since his job depends on it. I'll be cheering for whoever is picked come August sitting in the Dublin stands.

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I chose Josh Lynn from UNK! He started with run based offense and evolved to multiple offense as he got athletes to run it. I want a guy that can use what he has and go with it.
Bright minds are bright minds, no matter the age. His lack of big time CF, worry’s me some, but you can’t hit it big without some risky decisions. I like Willy Korn. Don’t know much about any of those guys, less Herman. I like that Korn is young, innovative, and played for Dabo, so he should have some juice about him.
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