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Who do you MOST want to see Nebraska beat in 2019?

If Nebraska beat only one of these teams in 2019, which game would you MOST want to see them win?*

  • Sept. 21: at Illinois

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  • Oct. 5: Northwestern

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  • Oct. 12: at Minnesota

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  • Oct. 26: Indiana

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Nov. 2: at Purdue

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Nov. 23: at Maryland

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Elwood von Kiowa

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Every time I look at this thread, it's like I'm in the twilight zone. Just can't get my head around it. In what universe would we only win one game?

I see MABC changed the title. I was trying to look at the poll from another perspective:

"If we had to pick one game to LOSE, who(m) would you LEAST want to lose to?"

And I can't even pick an answer to that question. I guess it would be the team that's in the lead for the west division title (other than us).


2 Year Member
Why doesn't it bother you? If we went undefeated except for losing to Iowa, that wouldn't bother you as much as losing to Ohio State or Michigan or Purdue or Northwestern? What you're saying about Iowa is how I feel about Northwestern, but I know only a few Northwestern fans, and they mostly might not even notice when/if they beat us, so it's not the same.
I'm not sure exactly. This is the same conversation I have with people when the topic of discussion is the old Big 8 days and how Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Kansas St, and Iowa St were all heated rivalries. Not on the same level as Oklahoma, but still heated rivals nonetheless.

My question is always, "were they though?". I can remember as a kid not giving a crap about those games except for the Oklahoma game. Eventually, I developed a hatred for Missouri (not really sure why) and I've always just felt sorry for Colorado and their fans but the rest of the old Big 8 i'm pretty indifferent towards.

Iowa is just ... Iowa. They might as well be Boston College or Arizona, I just don't care. If we had an undefeated season and we lost to them, yeah it'd bother me but not because it was Iowa. It'd bother me more that our undefeated season was over more than who ruined it.


Travel Squad
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#1 Iowa (I have a neighbor who is an Iowa alum/fanatic and has been giving me the business the last 3 years).
#2 Colorado (I lived there from 2001-2004 and got harassed by their fairweather fans at times, plus the AM incident still has me angry as heck!)
#3 Ohio State (because they have been the superior conference team)
#4 Wisconsin (they have our number)
#5 Minnesota (it will play big into the West championship, and we go every year, and I proposed to my fiance at this game last year. It is a game that means a lot to me for many reasons).
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