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Who do you MOST want to see Nebraska beat in 2019?

If Nebraska beat only one of these teams in 2019, which game would you MOST want to see them win?*

  • Sept. 21: at Illinois

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  • Oct. 5: Northwestern

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  • Oct. 12: at Minnesota

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  • Oct. 26: Indiana

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  • Nov. 2: at Purdue

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  • Nov. 23: at Maryland

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I know what the op is trying to do but I keep struggling with the only choose 1 option because the entireity of the season could factor into it so much. It is a little more understanding to me if I ask which two teams would I find most acceptable losing too. Ohio State would be one and then probably Purdue, Northwestern or Minnesota. As like most.......Iowa and Wisconsin are the two teams that most represent who we need to beat in the West to find ourselves back in the hunt both physically and emotionally.
That's fine for an answer, and your explanation is why I asked for people to explain why they chose who they did. I honestly don't care that much about who people choose, but the reasons why we choose what we do fascinates me. I like to break things down into patterns. I see three patterns, so far: 1) I want Nebraska to beat the best; 2) I want Nebraska to beat the team whose fans are closest to me; 3) everything else. It's that last one--everything else--that fascinates me. I'll write more about it later.
This is what has continued to confuse me. I live in Omaha and see Iowa fans all the time. They talk crap and like to rub in the fact that they've dominated us the last 5 years. That's fine, they have bragging rights.

Would I like to see us beat them? Sure. But no more or less than i'd like to see us beat some random team like Virginia or Nevada. I just don't care about Iowa or anything their fans have to say. I give them a blank stare or smile and nod until they stop talking. Iowa just does nothing for me.

Wisconsin on the other hand, well, that's an entirely different story.
You're the kind of guy that I don't understand. You're not alone because I hear this sort of thing often, but if a team beats us, and their fans talk trash, everything in me wants to shut them up. If I don't interact with the fans, it doesn't bother me as much unless it's a loss like Northern Illinois or Troy that everyone else's fans will still use as a club, or a blowout loss for the same reason.

Why doesn't it bother you? If we went undefeated except for losing to Iowa, that wouldn't bother you as much as losing to Ohio State or Michigan or Purdue or Northwestern? What you're saying about Iowa is how I feel about Northwestern, but I know only a few Northwestern fans, and they mostly might not even notice when/if they beat us, so it's not the same.

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You can define it however you want, but that's why I said it would be more interesting to explain why. I think that most people end up choosing the team whose fans they most often see.

If I'm understanding you correctly, Iowa is the hate vote, but Wisconsin is the "We've arrived" choice. So, if we only win one of those two games, which one would you choose? I'm going with Iowa until their fans walk around with the same of crack whores.

I guess I picked Wisconsin because beating Iowa is setting our sights too low, and Ohio State is setting our sights too high (for now). If we're capable of beating Wisconsin on a regular basis, then we're probably beating Iowa just about every time.

Ask me again in a few years and I'd probably pick tOSU. I'm pretty hopeful that HCSF & Co. will have us dominating Wisconsin and Iowa by then, and competing with and beating tOSU and Michigan.
I can't even answer the question. The answer is "all of the above" or, as BuffSurveyor said, "the next team on the schedule."

So are we saying it would be OK to go 1-11 this year? I'm like TO, I can't comprehend the mindset of "if we could just beat Oklahoma, it doesn't matter if we lose all the rest."

Focusing (or obsessing) on one or two opponents that we "have to beat" is what gets you in trouble. See Texas 2010.

Just win the next play. After that play is over, forget about it and win the next play. Repeat that process until the season is complete.
If you've read what I've written elsewhere in this thread, I'm not asking this as a coach or even as a fan; I'm asking it more as a way of understanding how we think about things like opponents. I don't really care who ultimately gets the most votes, and I definitely don't care if everybody else disagrees. I'm pretty sure that nobody here would be okay with finishing 1-11 either. If I'm trying to find out which team(s) our fans most want to beat and why, I had to phrase the question in such a way as to remove as many variables as possible. Fwiw, I absolutely agree with you about the focus should be on the next play, but that's how (good) teams think. Even to the players, some games will always matter more than others. When they asked Tommie Frazier sometime during the '95 season who he would like to play in a bowl game, he said Washington because he was still annoyed that they had beaten Nebraska when he was a freshman. I thought that it was interesting at the time that that loss bothered him more than the two losses to Florida State, especially considering how the last one had been controversial.

When this survey has run its course, I think that I might do something similar from the other end of the spectrum, such as this: "If Nebraska were to finish 9-3 in the regular season, who would you choose to be the three teams that beat us?" I've been thinking about that specific question a lot because I think that that's a likely outcome for our season based on the number of games that we'll be playing against teams that could beat us unless we play close to perfect, and then figuring out the likelihood that they'll play close to perfect. I actually think that we will beat Ohio State, yet lose to a couple of teams that (right now) none of our fans expect to beat us. I can't really even guess which ones, but as a coach I know the patterns for how teams gain and lose focus. For example, if we're looking good but still making too many mental mistakes, losing to Illinois the week before we play Ohio State would greatly increase our chances of beating OSU. As a fan (or hypothetically, as a coach) would I make that trade? I've decided that, yes, I would. Again, if we beat Ohio State--and especially if we would be undefeated--I think that it would greatly increase our chances of losing to Northwestern the following week. I think that this happened to Purdue last year.

You mentioned the 2010 Texas game, which is exactly the sort of scenario that I expect to happen this year because this year's team and the 2010 team are somewhat similar in that neither had gotten over the hump yet as far as mental preparation for games, big and small, and so they lost to Texas, who was clearly worse, yet whipped Missouri, who was probably better. We whipped Washington during the year, then looked like trash when we played them again in the bowl game. This is what happens in football when teams aren't properly focused, ready to play every week.

You mentioned Osborne and his lack of caring about rivalries, and, again, that's (mostly) how I see things, but even to this day most Husker fans don't grasp how much he focused his efforts as a coach on remaining focused on the next play, and the next play only. Some articles were written about him and that focus in the late 80s/early 90s when most of the country still thought that he couldn't win the big games, so most people ignored what he had to say. As a Nebraska fan in college, I ate it up and never forgot it. He believed and taught that the opponent doesn't matter (to the players, anyway; the opponent's tendencies matter very much to the coaches), and that everything should be focused on the steps of execution for the next play. He taught the players to evaluate what had just happened on the last play as they walked to the huddle, but the moment that the QB or defensive captain made the call for the next play, the last play needed to be wiped from the mind, and all that mattered was focusing on the steps of execution for the next play as you lined up. You weren't thinking about the opponent. You weren't thinking about the moment. You weren't thinking about the score. As a Guard, for example, all that you were thinking is "My first step is forward and to the right while I shoot my hands to the left pectoral of the D-lineman to my right, etc." As a high school player, nobody had ever stressed that enough to me ... except when it came to shooting free-throws in basketball. I was very good at that, and I knew that it was because it was all routine, repetition, and focus. I knew that that was the way to teach and coach everything else in life. I've had successes and failures in doing that as a football coach at different age levels and with players with very different abilities. My alma mater has dominated football in our small-school conference for this century, yet was never able to win a championship before that. Why? Focus and execution. I've coached for them and against them, including with teams that had more talent, but they're tough to beat because they almost never make mistakes. Why? Focus and execution. To my knowledge, they don't have a playbook, but every player knows almost every play that they'll run in high school before they finish 7th grade, so for their next 5 years, it's all about more focus and better execution. It works.

On the other hand there was Barry Switzer. Barry could always get Oklahoma to play at their peak against Nebraska, whether Nebraska was clearly superior, clearly inferior, or roughly equal. His teams also had a habit of laying an egg against terrible teams, like Kansas. Barry's philosophy of coaching wasn't that different from Osborne's in a lot of ways when it came to the X's and O's, recruiting, and coaching the details of execution, but he was never able to get his teams to stay as consistently focused, so he had to have superior talent to make up for these lapses. They usually had it, and it usually did make up for it.

So, how do we choose the games that matter most to us? Players typically take the fans' passions with them, but then they also usually have personal connections with some of the players on some of the other teams, and they also have experiences of having played most teams on their schedules. I think that that one dirty play by Colorado last year did as much to doom their chances this year as almost anything else because the Nebraska players are NOT going to forget that it happened, and as long as that's channeled properly, it will lead to better focus, which should lead to better execution. It also should lead to both an expectation of winning and probably a lack of a let-up when/if Nebraska gets ahead. Fans love to hear that. If Nebraska drills Colorado, which I think that they are going to do, it opens them up for a let-down the following week against Northern Illinois, which right now nobody expects to be capable of playing with us.

This is the stuff that I think about in the off-season when I'm lying awake in bed at night, whether it's focused on the guys that I'm coaching or Nebraska or whoever. That's why I asked the question, and that's why I phrased it that way.
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Absolutely. No place to choose the season record though, which would be 12-0.
I like your style.

I voted for Iowa just so that I don't have to listen to Iowa fanboy family members run their traps for another year. I would probably would have picked whoever they play in a bowl game had it been an option though.
Iowa fan boy media is insufferable on social media. They talk about Nebraska sports more than Nebraska fans. I'd love to make them suffer.
I guess I picked Wisconsin because beating Iowa is setting our sights too low, and Ohio State is setting our sights too high (for now). If we're capable of beating Wisconsin on a regular basis, then we're probably beating Iowa just about every time.

Ask me again in a few years and I'd probably pick tOSU. I'm pretty hopeful that HCSF & Co. will have us dominating Wisconsin and Iowa by then, and competing with and beating tOSU and Michigan.
This is all just opinion, so mine isn't worth any more than any other, but ... I think that it will be more likely for Nebraska to beat Ohio State this year than it would be to defeat both Wisconsin and Iowa this year. Our offensive and defensive schemes match up better against OSU than they do against Wisconsin and Iowa, plus OSU is earlier in the year when I think that we have a better chance of being healthy, plus OSU has a new head coach, a new DC, and some other key coaching changes that may not have settled in yet by the time we play them. Needless to say, none of that is true with Wisconsin, though Iowa did have a rare change of staff as their D-line coach retired. Finally, I'm not going to believe the hype about Justin Fields until I see it on the field because an All-American caliber of QB, which is what a lot of media sources think of him, does NOT transfer schools because he can't beat out the QB ahead of him. Yes, some very good QBs will and have done that, but my gut reaction is that there was a reason why he couldn't beat out Fromm at Georgia, and everybody is about to find out what that was on the field. If he's anything other than a smashing success, that offense grinds to a halt. The OSU offense in its current form is every bit as dependent upon having a superior QB as Lincoln Riley's at Oklahoma or Solich's was at Nebraska. All the other QBs have left, so it's Fields or bust. I don't think "bust" is off the table.
I actually don't hate Iowa. At all. Go ahead and stone me now :) That doesn't mean I want to lose to them ever again, though.

I picked CO because I do hate them and they have always been my personal rival. That's leftover from my college years.
I actually don't hate Iowa. At all. Go ahead and stone me now :) That doesn't mean I want to lose to them ever again, though.

I picked CO because I do hate them and they have always been my personal rival. That's leftover from my college years.
So you're asking to get stoned, and you picked Colorado, and "that's leftover from [your] college years," huh? Interesting. I wonder if anybody can find a pattern in those three things?

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There are a couple of ways to look at this:

1. If you could win only one game this season, who would it be? That defines a rivalry, in my mind. I don't feel that strongly about any of our opponents, as we haven't established a true rival yet. If we continue to play Iowa the last game of the year, I hope it very often determines which team goes to the CCG--that would establish a great rivalry but I don't see Iowa consistently competing at the level, which is why I'd rather play Wisconsin on Black Friday.

2. Which team would you hate to lose to the most? It could come very close to fracturing my confidence in this staff if we lost to S. Alabama. Since I REALLY don't want that to happen, that could be a good choice.

3. Right now I'd have to say Wisconsin because, as others have said, they've consistenly been the best team in the division since even before we joined the B1G.


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perhaps a better question would be "who would you rather be 10-0 against over the next 10 times we played them? that answer for me is easily ohio state. no one else even comes close. it simply says we have awoken from our slumber and returned to where we rightfully belong.:wink:


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1. Wisconsin ... as one who lives in the Badger state ... its a MUST win
2. Iowa ... Their dominance over NU is embarrassing
3. Minnesota ... likely a must win given their easy schedule
4. Purdue ... Can't let these guys think they can contend with the Big Red
5. tOSU ... if we lose NOT that big of a deal ... we have a better record versus them than we do Wisconsin.
6. CU ... must win over a former rival
7. Illinois ... divisional foe ... keep them down where they belong
8. Indiana ... 2nd time we've played them since joining the B1G
9. Maryland ... conference foe ... they beat UT last year