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Who Are we Still Targeting


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Link shows who we offered at all positions. Not many left who haven't decided.

Huskers have a pair of talented receiver recruits visiting in coming weeks;
"It appears two such candidates are visiting during the upcoming weekends. Multiple outlets have reported that four-star pass-catcher Charles Njoku (Wayne, New Jersey) is among a group of four known players visiting this weekend and four-star De'Mariyon Houston (Oklahoma City) confirmed to the Journal Star that he is planning to visit the weekend of Jan. 18.

Njoku was committed to Missouri until November, but reopened his commitment. The Huskers offered in early December and several others have joined the picture as well. Njoku, listed at 6-foot-5, is a different body type than Nebraska currently has on its roster and he put together a very productive senior campaign for Wayne Hills High by hauling in 1,106 yards (21.3 per catch) and 16 touchdowns in 13 games.

Njoku is the younger brother of NFL tight end David Njoku and University of Miami receiver Evidence Njoku.
Houston, meanwhile, was committed to Texas until early December. He visited Minnesota before the early signing date but remains unsigned and is attracting interest from schools around the country.

Houston is listed at 6-0 and 165 pounds and starred at Millwood High in Oklahoma City. Though he doesn't have the same size as Njoku, he did in June 2017 run the 200 meters in a blazing 21.42 seconds."

I really wish we we had difference makers on Defense visiting us also.
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I know at one point we were interested in Danielson Ike, what happened there? I see he is still available? Is he havjngnto go JUCO? Or are there other issues?

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I know at one point we were interested in Danielson Ike, what happened there? I see he is still available? Is he havjngnto go JUCO? Or are there other issues?
Don't know much about his situation. Just know that the interest was last spring. He doesn't exactly fit the body type they are looking for on the OL.


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He should have made a bigger jump between years 1 and 15. How do you explain suddenly getting better at analysis in years 16 to 20? If he doesn't have someone feeding him info, he's hit the books and studied.
Maybe he finally has a coaching staff that is doing things he understands! Its highly possible he knew exactly how bad MR was as he was a frequent critic and knows how good Frost is.
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Njoku is a type of receiver that we have not had on the field in an eon at Nebraska - big time height, and a strider. It would be fun to see him out there and get a different kind of weapon than the 6'0"-6'2" athletic route runner types. would like to see that diversity in our XYZ's, i think HCSF could create more match-up problems that way

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Ideal Finish with six spots left (Assuming Frost takes 30 and Dedrick Mills is a part of the class)

1. DB Noa Pola-Gates
2. OLB Steven Parker
3. CB DJ James
4. DT Matthew Pola-Mao
5. WR Charles Njoku
6. OLB Dylan Jordan
Agree with the 6, although i'd be good with either Njoku or the OK WR. However, if Mills is part of the class, doesn't that make 25....so we have to stop at 5 new guys from this list?
Yeah, I think we could find a place for him. Wow. Imagine lining up at the goal-line with him at WR and Stoll, Allen, Rafdal, and Legrone. They can line up and shove it down your throat, or spread everyone out and pick on the shortest defender. Also, the Hail Mary pass into the end zone can suddenly be a designed part of the arsenal.