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Which animal could you beat in a fight?

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This made me laugh.


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It's hilarious that less than 50% of Brits think they could beat a goose in a fight. They are clearly very afraid of large birds.
When I was about 14, I was out goose hunting and knocked one out of the sky with a wing shot. It landed about 200 yards from our blind, so I took off after it. I got within about 20 yards when it saw me, turned and started charging. I then realized that I didn't have my shotgun, and remember thinking "surly this bird isn't going to attack me" when sure enough, it started flapping and honking coming right at me. I grabbed it by the neck, and swung it around one time to break its neck. I have to admit I was a little worried when it started flapping and honking, but knew I had it once I got his neck.


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I got the:
House cat (I'd be pretty bloodied but I'd win)
Both dogs
Tie with the Cobra (I'm slow as molasses anymore so we'd both end up dead)
It'd be close with the wolf, 20 years ago I'd probably win but age puts things in perspective.
How do you beat an elephant in a fight (without weapons)? I'd have to think they are slower than me so I could gouge an eyeball or something. Maybe not.

The rest are a no, I'd be glad I'm paid up on my life insurance.


Not as pretty as Kevin Kugler
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Lost my battle with a cricket. I could walk right up to it, lower the glass, and just as I dropped it, he'd jump 3 feet away. We went 6 rounds before I gave up.
Been there. Chasing flies for 20 minutes is another good one.

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Almost nobody is going to win a fight with an angry chimp. Those bastards are incredibly strong, mean, and they'll go right for your nuts and bite them off before you know what happened. And then they'll rip your face off.
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I think a lot of people vastly over rate their ability to fight, even with a spork! I am not one of them and hope I will never need to find out. I told the last guy that wanted to fight, years ago, that he would probably kick my butt but I would leave some marks. Been bit by multiple species each time it left a mark and hurt like a mother!


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99.9% of the population on earth is not winning a fight to the death with anything after medium sized dog. Most would have to rely on the animal preferring flight over fight.

If you are talking about winning a fight with a large dog that is abused and not angry, sure kick it and it'll run away. Thinking you'd win against a 90lb pit bull that is pissed off and wants to eat your face, you're done.

I think I'd rather tangle with a croc than a king cobra. Well, that's probably also depending upon size. I'd rather fight a 4ft croc than a 4' cobra, but not sure about a 15ft croc. Maybe just get bit by a 15ft cobra so I can wander off and die rather than get eaten.
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