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What's Ahead - NU Baseball 2021


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Gotta admit - pumped to see the social media blitz drawing attention to yesterday's scrimmage and the return of the baseball team! Great to see the hard work and what appears to be optimism about the program under Will Bolt. I think he recruits like a boss and the forthcoming rosters he puts together "feel" like they'll be bigger, more versatile and competitive than those that Darin and Ted had, which seemed a bit fragile and holey toward the end of their tenure, an indication that their preference was to let the program sell itself more than actually selling it themselves. That is, they didn't love that part of their job as much as the coaching dimension.

Here's to a normal 2021 and a full slate of games...and some extras at the end!


Sharpe mentioned yesterday that the pitching staff is starting to get some attention from the national media
It was about a D1baseball.com article on Povich during the summer, while stating national attention isn't normal from Nebraska players lately.

Cade Povich made four starts for Nebraska this spring after transferring from South Mountain (Ariz.) CC as a sophomore, and he looked good in a start against Macon on Saturday, striking out five over three innings of work. An athletic 6-foot-3, 185-pound lefthander with a loose, whippy arm action and a high three-quarters slot, Povich spotted up well to both sides of the plate with his 88-91 mph fastball, which was the putaway pitch on three of his strikeouts. He also got a strikeout using his short, late slider/cutter, which ranged from 81-85 mph, showing more lateral depth when he threw it with less velocity. The pitch had good spin, up to 2534 rpm and comfortably in the 2300-2400 range, and he demonstrated plenty of feel for it. He also had feel for his 80-83 mph changeup, an average pitch with good arm speed that he used to record another strikeout. And Povich rounded out his arsenal with a big-breaking 1-to-7 curveball at 74-76 — not a hammer, but a solid offering that he could throw for a strike when necessary. Povich’s arm works easy and he has good pitchability and quality stuff from the left side, making him an obvious prospect to watch for 2021.

But I will say, your response can be an absolute statement. Coach Christy has some really good options, but one thing does concern me and that's LHP out of the bullpen. Losing Perry for the 2021 season is a big time loss, gonna need a combination of Feekin, Hayes and/or Curry to step up.