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What Trev Alberts did on Sunday.

Hey 10 years in the service and I agree that the military knows what and how it operates. Let’s not try to fool ourselves that their leadership style translates into the civil side real well.
I certainly agree that dress right and cover down does not translate to the everyday world. But, the wise leader adapts and changes his style to accommodate his circumstances.

I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity in life to mentor several People. In reflecting upon those experiences, The men and women who succeeded as leaders instead of the other ones who fell short was a critical difference. That difference is this: The ones who fell short thought everyone else in their nexus Of influence should change to meet their standards, Instead of them changing the way that they interacted with their subordinates. Perhaps this is one of HCSF’s Major shortcomings.
It's much easier for me to read someone face to face, especially someone who's job is at least partially 'selling' something. He served a purpose and to an extent was a calming influence to for the fan base after the gassing of the soulless one.

I'd still have a bourbon with him.
I'd have a bourbon with most people. Or by myself.

I might have a problem.


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