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What new contributors excite you!

Really looking forward to Corcoran & the new look offensive line. Cerni & a weapon in the special teams game, if he can get all the way healthy & put it all together. And Kolarevic on defense.
I like that Kolarevic was brought up. This is the kind of kid I’m looking for the most in this thread. It’s a name that many of us aren’t familiar with yet but I think by mid season we will be. Other players have talked about how good he’s looking since arriving. This guy honestly could be one of our top defensive players this season at some point.

Ty Robinson and Casey Rogers. Liked what I saw from both last year. And I will throw in Marvin Scott on offense.
Definitely like our defensive ends. Both looked like they could develop into all conference players. Scott is interesting and in a battle with like five other guys. If he emerges in the rotation I will be happy.
I super excited to see Luke McCaffery work out of the slot! :Stirthepot:

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