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What Huskers offer a portal QB

Couldn't save the link but one of the Facebook husker sites is saying that McCord has a 1.69 million NIL deal here!!
UPDATE: I guess it came from scam account! Sorry!
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It’s pretty rich to look back on the season long ineptitude at QB we just endured, with the coaches trying to cobble together an offense the players could operate with such an anemic passing game, and to read people criticizing McCord for being affected my the defense of the #1 team in the country to the extent his team lost by a TD. He threw 6 INT all season!

It’s like nitpicking that you don’t want the guy that lost the Super Bowl when you have the Waterboy filling in. McCord would be such a step up from what we have now, and would help other recruiting pitches elsewhere for skills players, etc. We could see him get drafted a year later as a former Husker. That would be a nice feather too.

Couldn't save the link but one of the Facebook husker sites is saying that McCord has a 1.69 million NIL deal here!!
Makes you wonder if at his last press conference when Rhule said a QB would cost one to two million, he knew that would get headlines on the sports sites, which it did. And also gets the attention of possible portal QBs to know Nebraska would be in the mix.

He's often said he uses the press conference to get his message out to his players, maybe this time it was for possible future players.
At this point its arguable which quarterbacks would be best for us. However, the intangibles would be very valuable right now. It sends a clear message of what Nebraska and Rhule are trying to do. Its possible it could do wonder at other offensive positions in the portal too. McCord would probably represent the highest "name" quarterback we have had in a long time.

IF the McCord thing pans out, I guess that puts to bed the type of offense Rhule really wants to run here.

Looking at different articles, it seems people are shocked that Kyle, the started at OSU, would enter the portal.... the reason is MONEY. I don't blame him, really, I mean, NIL and paying players is now allowed, so I don't blame him for using it to get some of that.


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