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What Husker Game(s) Would You Play for a Non Football Fan or Non Husker Fan?

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Honestly for me and wanting to show both a great win and a complete ass whopping, and also especially because I am a native Floridian, '94 beating Miami 24 - 17 and while I wasn't at the game, I watched that whole damn game on the edge of my seat yelling and screaming.

'95 beat down of the Gators. 62 - 24. How fun was that!!!! I recall not even caring that we were down early, because I could just sense how bigger, faster and better we were in that first quarter alone and then, THAT SECOND QUARTER!!!!
1996 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
National Championship Game
DateJanuary 2, 1996
StadiumSun Devil Stadium
LocationTempe, Arizona
MVPTommie Frazier
FavoriteNebraska by 3½
National anthemPatti Austin
RefereePat Flood (Pac-10)
My brother and i attended that game and the Gator chop kept losing enthusiasm all game. It was priceless to watch Spurrier slap his sun visor cap and the best was at the bars after the game to hear Gator fans moan and groan.


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I was watching a football documentary and they were discussing a non Husker game as being the best ever. It got me to thinking about a game or games you might want to share with someone.

1) What Husker game(s) would you give to a new or non football fan in general and why?

2) What Husker game(s) would you give to a student/fan of the game, but is not a Husker fan and why?

Thanks as always!
1983 Kickoff Classic vs. Penn State 44-6 win...Quote “ If it was a fight they would have stopped it” Joe Paterno.

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Same 35 games for both types of fans:

Listed first is the season (bowl year may very):
1) 1962 - Gotham Bowl vs Miami
2) 1963 - Oklahoma
3) 1964 - CottonBowl vs Arkansas
4) 1965 - Missouri
5) 1965 - Orange Bowl vs Alabama
6) 1966 - Colorado
7) 1969 - USC
8) 1969 - Oklahoma
9) 1970 - USC
10) 1970 - Orange Bowl vs LSU
11) 1971 - Oklahoma
12) 1971 - Orange Bowl vs Alabama
13) 1972 - Orange Bowl vs ND
14) 1978 - Oklahoma
15) 1981 - Colorado
16) 1982 - Penn State
17) 1983 - Orange Bowl vs Miami
18) 1986 - Oklahoma
19) 1992 - Orange bowl vs Florida State (second half ONLY)
20) 1993 - Orange bowl vs Florida State
21) 1994 - Kansas State
22) 1994 - Orange Bowl vs Miami
23) 1995 - Fiesta Bowl vs Florida
24) 1997 - Orange Bowl vs Tennessee
25) 2000 - Oklahoma
26) 2001 - Oklahoma
27) 2001 - Colorado
28) 2002 - Penn State
29) 2003 - Kansas State
30) 2004 - Texas Tech
31) 2006 - USC
32) 2009 - Oklahoma
33) 2009 - B12CG vs Texas
34) 2011 - Wisconsin
35) 2018 - Iowa

If they read newpaper summaries, listen to old radio broadcasts, watch old telecasts of all (or at least most) of these games...only then, will they understand Nebraska football.
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For comeptetive games that had exciting finishes that I saw in person, I would vote for

The Gotham Bowl
NU v. Missouri at Missouri in the early 1960s where we won 16-14 on a last minute field goal, and
NU v. Wyoming in Devaney's first year I believe when we beat Wyoming on a 50 yard field goal in the last minute.

Close, exciting, and we won in each case.