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What has to happen?

My thoughts on the Huskers have all been down in the dumps with really no optimism or hopes for next year. That being said it got me thinking what would have to happen for Nebraska to have even a respectable season next year (say 7-5 or 8-4)?
1. Special teams has to improve. The not so fake punts against Illinois and Rutgers were especially unbearable.
2. Offensive line(holding, false starts, snapping, etc.) We cannot keep shooting ourselves in the foot. Personally think Austin may need replaced but maybe the young kids playing will be more disciplined than the seniors leaving.
3. Wide receivers- we need atleast 3 wide receivers that show they are more capable than what we saw in 2020. Right now we have 0 proven players.
4. Running backs- Held can recruit but so far our running back stable has been inept. Can he finally develop some of that talent?
5a. Down field passes- Martinez his freshman year was hitting longer passes so I dont understand why we refuse to hardly pass beyond 10-15 yards. Makes it pretty easy for defenses when 80 percent of your passes are under 10 yards.
5b. Playcalling- we brought frost in to have an unstopable offense but so far it has never even started. We have no identity. Maybe an off-season will help.
6. Defense has improved each year and we need it to continue to get better. Maybe if they do, the D can carry the offense and push us to a better than expected season.


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I did mine earlier,and so far, players wise, its taking shape.
We need to be able to fall back on our run game, we lacked that thumper,like Ziggy, always falling ahead for that extra yard, Mils was close, just either not as consistent, or hurt.
We needed to get older, and while losing WR stinks, gaining the new wide out, with size and experience may be viewed as a turn in the right direction.
I think having Brown and Nixon may make losing WR easier as well, if we have a run game as compliment, Toure and possibly Manning on one side with an emerging Betts on the other, its likely Brown and Nixon makes us forget losing WR.
In 2019,we finished top twenty in penalties against, we are older and this could change back to 2019 nujmbers.
Turnovers come from our qbs, but too much has been stacked on them, if the above happens, this changes, and we will protect the ball better.
Specialteams,lets hope we get an assistant with more direct touch on them, and real time corrections as well.


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There's more to it than this, but here are my top four things that can make us better in a hurry and get to 7 or 8 wins:

1. Improve significantly on turnover margin. If we can just break even, that would be huge.
2. Special teams has to improve, particularly the kickoff coverage, kickoff return, and punt return units. The punt return unit is also responsible for not giving up ridiculously easy fake punt conversions.
3. Develop some semblance of a viable downfield passing game.
4. Show up every single game. You can't mail in two home conference games like we did for Illinois and Minnesota this year.

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My top four categorize the details that I think we all know needs to happen:
1. Improve discipline and accountability
2. Better roster management
3. Adapt scheme/system to players’ strengths
4. Recruit, retain and develop talent

One other side note... drop the “no fear of failure” philosophy. I think our record (actually and unintentionally) demonstrates a “no fear of failure” level of play.

Instead, focus on a commitment to excellence, and a commitment to achieving or exceeding goals.
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