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What Adrian Martinez will we see this year?

"on a scale of 1-10 (2018: 8, 2019: 4) what level of performance will we see from #2AM in 2020"

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That said, do we lay the lackluster performance at the feet of poor play calling or execution. Both are ultimately the coaching staffs responsibility, but the players also bare some responsibility for the later.
I'll quibble with laying anything at anyone's feet, but that's probably just wording. I keep coming back to our head coach is learning on the fly.
If this offense continues to struggle under Matt Lubick then there is only one other person to blame and that doesn't bode well for our future. I suspect we should know more after the first 4 games. I'm not saying we need to be winning those games but we have to see the offensive spark Scott Frost has been promising us.
Disagree about not boding well for the future. It could be that there's a lesson to be learned about how to win in the BiG. Outscore and force turnovers might not be it.

the possibility of both Adrian and Luke being on the field at the same time. Think of it, just by putting Luke out at wideout, that will take so much of the defense's attention that Mills will be able to slash up the field or the TE's will be wide open over the middle.
I'd predict a suite of base plays, companions, fakes, and at least one trick coming from this. Frost has definitely learned that from the TO offense. Maybe they've even talked about it in a fishing boat or a turkey blind.