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Well Nick Gates just got screwed up


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Thankfully he has a 3.175 million guaranteed on the recent 2 year contract he signed.

Hope he is able to recover and possibly play again someday. Thoughts to him and his family.

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I had no idea until now, but Nick started all 16 games last year for the Giants and was named a team captain this year.

Hopefully he recovers quickly, and fully, and can resume his promising career.


Watched him last week against Denver and he was obviously a team leader. Amazing.


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Well if it's anything like Alex Smith, it will be a dangerous and long recovery. Especially challenging for lineman to come back because of their size and the demands of the position. Good luck to the young man. We will be pulling for you.

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yes there was a noticiable 15% angle in the mid-shin area.... stay strong brother.... husker nation is cheering for you


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Watched it live and I wish him the best in his recovery. Looked painful. He was voted a captain this year too.



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Sounds like Nick is still in the hospital, and things are still up in the air.

Coach Joe Judge wouldn't completely rule out the possibility of it being a career-ending injury, but he seemed hopeful that that wasn't going to be the case.

"I'd be lying, if from my perspective, if I said no," Judge said to it potentially being a career-ending injury. "I know that there are some comparisons to other players. These things are all different. I know he's going to have the best medical care possible, here or elsewhere whatever we can do. So we are confident he's going to be able to come back."

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