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Welcome to the HuskerMax Market Place


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Put in a prefix so we have a good idea what you want with out clicking on each thread. Also the first two-three lines of text in the thread put in short description what you want. That short description will show up as a thread preview when you hover over the thread title with your mouse. That will help people save time.

Next you are on your own when it comes to the buy, sale and trade, so proceed with caution so you don't loose out on any money/time.

This is a screen shot of the prefix

This is a screen shot of what the preview looks like when you hover over the thread title with your mouse
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Some members of the BBS have requested that we create a market place where members can share, trade or sell their Husker memorabilia and merchandise. This is the place. We will develop guidelines on an as needed basis. Essentially this forum is provided as a place where Husker fans can connect with the members of the BBS that would like to conduct these transactions.

Everything is done on a buyer beware basis and HuskerMax assumes no responsibility for transactions not completed so verify who you are dealing with before you send items or money to each other.

In addition to Husker memorabilia and merchandise HuskerMax will soon be offering services such as online auction, online price comparison and online coupons and discounts. Stay tuned.