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Welcome to the HuskerMax Fanalytix


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Fanalytix is a new way to visualize and analyze data for all Husker games. You can see how the entire game was played on a single image. You can get detailed stats by clicking on individual drives and scores. The intuitive interface makes it easy to drill down on every play, drive and score. A how to read guide is located here.

Enjoy and please provide us with feedback.

Ultra Red

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Max, I really like this. Even more with the Nebraska connection. Am I understanding correctly that this will be a downloadable app in which we will be able to follow games in real time? Or is it data that will be posted via the app after a game’s conclusion? Apologize for being naive on how this works.


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Thanks for the compliment, Ultra Red. I'm one of the aforementioned Kearney guys and wanted to answer your question. This is a web app so it is available through your browser whenever you want to access it. We may have a downloadable version at some point but wanted to make it as widely available as possible with the web app to start. The games are all rendered live so you can follow along with them as they are played. This is great if you're watching the game or if you're away from a TV and want to keep tabs on the game. We have all Power 5 college games (plus lots more) and all the NFL games. You can access the full schedule of games, both pro and college by tapping on the menu button. You can follow along with the pro games right now. Below is a link to the Buffalo Vs Tampa Bay game which is running live at the moment. Check it out if you have the chance. Thanks again for the response and don't hesitate to provide any other feedback or ask questions.



Go Big Red!
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I’m not sure how much I will use this but it’s easy to use. I think some of you would really enjoy this. It’s definitely an easy way to get stats from the season. Even you guys that think you would struggle with this can do it.

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Baba Yaga
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Even you guys that think you would struggle with this can do it.
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