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Welcome back Fearless Frankie

Farmer Jake

Perhaps one of the last pieces to the healing of the mess created by Steve Pederson..
Not even trying to start a debate about whether FS should have been fired etc...
yet there is absolutely no question that
Steve Pederson still needs a throat punch or 12.
I don't know about a throat punch, but something to wipe that mediocre grin off his face. A well placed steel-toed boot might do the trick. Extra point to who ever gets their steel-toed boot appropriately stuck.
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Wish I was there to shake your hand again Wednesday. You are a true husker and bleed husker red. To be a 165 pound fullback and follow two coaching legends you had to be fearless. Thanks for all your dedication for almost 4 decades!
I always liked the man.I don’t remember him saying anything negative about Nebraska.I just wish the guy well.GBR.


Non nobis solum nati sumus
he was my wifes drivers ed teacher as well at southeast. she talks about how all the girls thought he was so good looking etc. never forgave him for that.LOL
Yeah, my wife said, ".. he was cute and he had this cute walk and all the girls would watch him walk down the halls.."

I told her to teach me the the walk.. never happened.


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So happy this happened. And Frank is the ONLY one of the post-TO coaches prior to SFs return who would ever be given such a welcome return.