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Locked due to no posts in 60 days. Report 1st post if need unlocked We need some national TV broadcasts

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so all the top dual purpose high school quarterbacks can see how they'll be used in NU's offense. With all the fears that moving to the Big Ten will hurt recruiting, I think that Taylor's impact, plus the blackshirts return to excellence, will overcome distance issues for potential recruits.:thumbsup:


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We were close with Washington and should get some more for Texas, the rest depends on how there season goes. I think recruit hear plenty about us again and if the are really interested they will find a way to watch us in TV so I would not worry to much. Not to mention that we will have the Big 10 network to help with that next year.


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It makes me wonder if the university sends the recruits videos of the games if they aren't able to watch them. Probably not allowed.
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