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We have a Colonel Mustard sighting

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I've been with HP and HM for a couple decades now and definitely read most (if not all) of Colonel Mustard's columns. I never knew his name until now! He looks like he's in great shape and not very old at all. I hope he's around for sellout #400.

I actually pictured him as older when he was with us on Pedia. And angrier. lol. (He had a photo of himself to go with his articles that painted that character I imagined.)
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What was his son thinking getting married on a game day?

This. A thousand times this!

When I got married, that was non-negotiable for me. We got married during the hottest part of July, because I would not get married during football season. Not even on a bye week, because those aren't set in stone. Luckily, my amazing wife agreed with me. And she probably didn't want me watching TV during the ceremony.

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Posts from 3 October 1999 members and 1 from November. Now I know the guy who wrote all that stuff. Are there archives? Too old to remember all he wrote back in the day.


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I'm at 336 home games in person and counting. And I agree with his comments 100%. I missed one game, the Minnesota game in 1971 because of my own wedding! She insisted on that day for the ceremony, and I loved her too much to not agree. But I didn't miss many more.

After the Michigan State game this year, I will have been to another 64 Husker away games. So that will make a total of 400 games seeing the Huskers in person.....
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