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We go to Wisconsin and Purdue to finish

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Husker Head Coach John Cook said this season is one of the most competitive he has seen in the Big Ten.

So what is it going to take to win the crown in the best all-around volleyball conference in the country? Cook said win two-point sets, which Nebraska struggled with against Wisconsin and Ohio State earlier this season.

Outside hitter Madi Kubik said the Big Ten Champ will have the best serving and floor defense, two qualities Nebraska hangs their hat on.
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Not just winless, but without winning a single set. 0-12 in sets. Wisconsin has become our new Penn State.

I thought JB said the same thing on the radio but here is what I found @ H.com;

10-11-2017 ~ 1-3
10-19-2018 ~ 2-3
10-5-2019 ~ 0-3
11-24-2019 ~ 0-3