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We Are a Bad Football Team

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Hooked on Huskers

I'm old as a rock
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Once again, Husker hope is dashed. So much for quick turnaround.

Develop NU players ...... regressed. And halftime adjustments ..... nap time

Future prediction: October 26th Hoosiers vs. Huskers during halftime :confused:
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Hooked on Huskers

I'm old as a rock
5 Year Member
2018: tOSU 36 Huskers 31 @ Columbus
2019: tOSU lopsided score @ Lincoln

2018: Huskers 53 Rodents 28
2019: Gophers won big time

Clear cut regress


Grey Shirt
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I haven't been a chin fan since the begining, he's got a veteran Defense that should "should" be keeping us in the games. I mentioned it this summer. I'll keep rooting for him and the not blackshirts but not looking good.
Chinander's D hasn't been that effective in B1G.
NU has played nobody thus far except maybe Northwestern. NWU .... only 1 victory (against UNLV)
Which makes me think we may win only one game for the rest of the season unless something changes.....