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We Are a Bad Football Team

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I hate to jump on this post, but it's incredibly shortsighted. When guys pop off with 'we need to can this guy or that guy, and find someone who can coach', they obviously don't realize that coaches develop just like players. Milt was struggling with his line play for a few years, and there were calls for him to be canned, but he made some changes, got some help, and we rode arguably the most dominant OLines for years after those adjustments. McBride couldn't stop OU or our Bowl opponents, and the game had past him by. Instead of canning him looking for greener pastures, we made some changes that took a couple of seasons to complete, and what did we get? A super aggressive defense that brought us multiple NCs. And I'd like to point out that these issues came well into their careers, not in the first 5 or 10 years of them.

Greg Austin knows how to coach. Troy Walters knows how to coach. Barrett Ruud knows the position. Tell us who you think isn't capable of developing and improving at their craft to the point they need to be replaced? This 'tough, but needed, decisions' line is about as knee jerk and frankly silly, as I've read in a while.
The tough decision is whether or not an upgraded at a coaching position or staff position is needed. It does not necessarily mean that a change will be needed.

Every coach at this level “can coach”. But it doesn’t mean they’re the best coach Nebraska can get.


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Your opinion. And it's a good opinion. My patience has been tied to seeing improvement. Progression. Development. Culture. Effort. Adjustments. Preparedness. Which one of these categories have you viewed as optimistic?

I had Frost on a short leash for most of these. I gave him the long term to get the program right, based on some short term achievements. He has done nothing. Sorry. I guess you see something I don't. I envy your viewpoints, cause I don't see anything good.
I don't see much good this year either...but the end of 18 was promising. I'm a little surprised that we have regressed this year but we are young, we are thin and we are now injured. If they can get to 7 wins it will be about what most thought was the ceiling.

I hate bad football and I'm sensitive to bad football with a red N on the helmet but I'm also fairly convinced that SF can figure it out. He's going to have to figure out what it takes to win in the B1G. Its going to take time to get the lines lined out.

Patience is not the strength of our fan base, but patience is going to be needed. I'm convinced that Nebraska will stay with SF past his 7 years even if its a struggle. If they've learned anything its that chasing coaches has been a losers game for NU, even if it seems to work out for other programs (which really sucks).


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Hate to type those words, but it's true and we just might as well admit where we are.

Don't want to hear excuses about Jurgens, the O-line, injuries, needing the right players, etc. 18 games in, we should not be this bad.

Terrible tackling
Terrible effort
The team looks disinterested and defeated out there. They look scared. They look ill-prepared.

Minnesota isn't doing anything special. They just keep punching us in the mouth and we are on our heels.

It's just terrible all around and I'm disappointed most in the effort and laziness out there. I never thought I'd say that about a Frost coached team.

No fear of failure doesn't seem to be ringing true. Aside from a couple players, everyone else looks scared.

So disappointing.
You are very kind.


There’s a very real possibility that a team in the center of the country, with wicked cold winters, and a small town campus and small town state reality, can’t be a perineal national championship contender. If Frost can get Nebraska playing for B1G championships, then perhaps that is going to have to be enough. What other school, located in the Midwest, has legitimately (key word) consistently competed recently for national championships, that doesn’t have an abundance of in-state talent? The state of Ohio has significant talent. Wisconsin has never been a legitimate National Champ contender. Mich St was close, once. The edges of the country have more talent, and attractive weather. The reality of the situation is: Nebraska today cannot do what 90s Nebraska did. It’s a different world.