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We’re close...

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Well just think, In addition to Ohio State and Michigan, next year we get to play Oklahoma in Norman. Will we win a lot more next year?
At this point in time the answer is No. The good thing is that next season will play out and results in year four will we pretty decisive in my mind to the future of Scott Frost and crew at Nebraska
If we are talking about having one of the top 3 or 4 lines in the conference and having a few first/second team all-conference players, then I might agree that it takes 5 years to build. If we are talking about a middle-of-the-pack offensive line that should be competent and allow us to have some semblance of a traditional running game, then I don't buy that it is okay to take 5 years for that to happen.

Rutgers also lost one game in triple OT and another on a late FG... they are not that far off from being 3-3 or even 4-2. I think they already lost to tOSU. It will be interesting to see how they do against Penn St. and whoever else they play. What's happened in year 1 of Schiano's second act there is nothing short of remarkable.
It’s the former we are after. Whether or not that’s attainable is yet to be seen. This offense won’t work without an enormous and top 3-4 offensive line in the league. It’s not a traditional running game.

That’s the reason it hasn’t worked fast here. In every other conference outside of the SEC, you can get plenty of yards without a great line. No chance of that happening in the B1G. But the B1G is comparatively slow, so you can make defenses pay with speed if your line is built up well enough to hold them off. It’s a huge gamble. But, again, I’m looking at the young pups and thinking they might be worth betting on.

Agree on Rutgers. Hats off to them. Schiano May very well be the best coach in the league. Without the Penn State scandal, it’d be interesting to see where Tennessee is now with him at the helm.


At this point in time the answer is No. The good thing is that next season will play out and results in year four will we pretty decisive in my mind to the future of Scott Frost and crew at Nebraska
Well hay your the one I am counting on. You should be in your BFV getting me the intel I need for next year.;)


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At this point in time the answer is No. The good thing is that next season will play out and results in year four will we pretty decisive in my mind to the future of Scott Frost and crew at Nebraska
The 2021 schedule does not set up well for a breakout season. Competing with Ohio St. and Oklahoma is purely aspirational at this point. Even one of our scheduled non-conference wins (Buffalo) is shaping up to be an uphill battle.

The real problem, though, is that we don't take care of business against the other Big 10 West teams. To take the first step toward mediocrity, we need to be winning at least three of the six games against the other West Division teams. To ever win the division, we will likely need to go 5-1 or 6-0 in those games. So far this year, we are 0-3.
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This board gets almost unreadable at times, and we are in one of those times. I appreciate this thread with a more even-handed outlook.

We are all disappointed and frustrated. I share that too. And I agree that Scott has made some mistakes. He’s talked too much about needing to get different players immediately after the transition. He has a tendency to abandon “we” talk and say things like, “they” need to understand X or “they” need to do Y when the team has had a bad outcome.

He has made some strategic choices that may or may not be mistakes. He sees Jurgens as a potentially elite player at center. But he’s had better snappers back him up while Cam has single-handedly neutered the offense for stretches by killing the QBs timing or contributing to turnovers. Will we see a polished end product to justify this? If so, Frost‘s decision there may be vindicated.

He’s stuck with a more finesse style offense that is potentially harder for Big 10 defenses to deal with if its manned by speedy athlete’s with sharp quick-thinking QB play. But he’s lacked sufficient skills players with enough knowledge of the system to make it work, and this appears to have slowed some guys from getting on the field, when a simpler scheme might have brought talented young guys on the field in positions to succeed sooner. Will we see a full offensive first team who master the scheme, with enough skill and speed to victimize Big 10 defenses, or will he never get the ”right guys”?

I‘m disappointed we haven’t turned the corner sooner, but I do think this team looks better this year. The record is the record, but the lines on both sides of the ball look more solid than last year. They’re not losing the line of scrimmage as easily as last season. There is more work to do, but the trajectory is better and the starting roster is pretty young. There are strong reasons to expect further improvement.

The linebacker play is improving, and those guys are VERY young. My personal belief is that ILB is the most important position in this defense. I see growth in the defensive scheme where, if I compare it to last year it’s a step forward.

I‘m not as convinced about the play-calling. I wonder if Frost might quietly let Lubick call plays for a couple games. He’s played under great head coaches who decided to delegate that responsibility (to HIM even) so in some ways it’s just another place he can follow that example. How great would it be if he could hire the next Scott Frost type of assistant to serve under him as QB coach or OC? Let a young phenom who can focus on that aspect shine, freeing Frost to demand more precision in the details that seem to be escaping his attention. I think that would be the most effective way to decrease penalties, avoid delay of game penalties or need for timeouts, or mistakes in special teams. There is no substitute for the head coach to have his full attention on the details in a way the players feel the demand for excellence. Frank Beamer used to coach special teams, and Virginia Tech had excellent special teams.

My main thought with all this is that I see youth and growth in this team. They have fight in them, and won’t be on the wrong side of these close games forever. I also have confidence that Frost will make tweaks and adjustments where he needs to. He’s too competitive to lose out of stubborn commitment to mistakes, to keep throwing bad money after good. His willingness to make the change and then the change back at QB shows that he’ll make uncomfortable adjustments.
Good post. I saw your avatar and thought I was looking in the mirror before putting my Husker red tunic on for the day!:cool:
Few things I think are important that we missed... 1 we did not have bowl game practices and no spring practices... that absolutely had to hurt this team as young as we are.... also very critical in helping establish culture... kids aren't being coached due to covid you can't possibly establish anything you want... this is a timing offense and we just don't have the reps to make it work yet imo..

Now to a few short comings I think I see:

1. Center snaps have to be automatic.
2. Farniak needs to take a seat... someone earlier thought he was our best lineman... I completely disagree... by far our worst ... can't pull can't engage any mobile lineman and too often gets off balance due to poor footwork.
3. Go back to the OSU game plan in using LM. great change of pace weapon. Not ready for QB yet... but too talented to sit imo.
4. Defense needs to continue to rotate heavily in the front 7... seems to keep them hungry and effective.
5. We have got to figure out how to get our most physically gifted receivers on the field all the time period. I don't give a crap if they suck at blocking. They are receivers for a reason not linemen.
6. Accountability to errors needs to happen now.. I appreciate patience but have it in practice not a game.