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WBB - Who is in your Rotation? Starters?

Red Don

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I know it is early; We haven't even played an exhibition game yet, but what is your (early) thinking about players/rotation?

With all the newcomers it is particularly in flux. Go with the Experience: ??? Sam Haiby, Issie Bourne, Bella Cravens, Ashley Scoggin, Annika Stewart.

or will some of the newcomers break in to the line-up: ??? The two Kendalls, Alexis Markowski, Alilison Weidner, Jaz Shelley?

Of course this early we know it's a work in progress and changes in line-ups and starters will evolve as games are played and the season progresses!!! :Lol:
While we were at it I looked up some stats; and was surprised to find the number of Three-Point shooters we have:

(2020/21 season)

Annika Stewart: 29/65 = .446
Whitney Brown: 20/53 = .377
Sam Haiby: 40/107 = .374
Ashley Scoggins: 43/116 = .371 (IIRC she she won the 3-pt shooting contest)
Kendall Coley: 7/22 = .318 (partial season - only 12 games played)
Issie Bourne: 19/60 = .317
Jaz Shelley 47/112 = .420 (@ Oregon)

Trinity Brady played in two games and made 3 of 5 three-pt attempts (.600) but there is a news void as to her status)

So we Do Have some Shooters who can Bury the Three. :Cheer2: :Cheer2: :Cheer2:

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Powder Creek

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We could go through quite a few brews discussing this, but it’s pretty much guess work until we can see them play again. Amy will likely be experimenting ala John Cook early on. It’s not really going out on a limb to say Issie & Sam for sure. After that there are still too many unknowns: how is Shelley fitting in, who will be a 5, Coley should make a move this season, can Stewart draw opposition Big outside, Scoggins really improved over last season, and endless others.

Red Don

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Good thoughts! :nod:

This season is such an unknown. With the Huskers being shut-out (Again), in the Big Ten pre-season rankings (https://bigten.org/news/2021/10/26/...ten-womens-basketball-preseason-rankings.aspx), seemingly they don't know what to make of it either. index.php

Like last season; this year, so far, is an enigma. Not much was expected from last year's team, but somehow, someway they all pulled together, seemingly through sheer will, to battle to a .500 season; and only one game shy of .500 in conference. Try as I might, I'm hard pressed to come up with an offensive identity for us last season (well other than getting Kate the ball under the basket), except great individual efforts strung together at critical moments to keep us in games and competitive (Sam driving to the basket, Ashley, and others, hitting treys or making plays at opportune moments). I believe it was @Sandhills Husker who pointed out our defense, ie Kate Cain's shot blocking abilities, kept us in a lot of games by shutting down the other team's 'scoring machines.' Grit! No Quit! Huskers!

But enough of last season. Despite Kate Cain leaving, we'll still have a lot of Defensive Power with Bella & Annika down low; and Issie, Ruby, Mi'Cole, Whitney (apologies to anyone I haven't mentioned yet) to disrupt other teams' offenses. Nonetheless, I think it will the offense where we'll see the greatest upside from the incoming recruits. The number of three-point shooters was an eye-opener for me. This shooting talent should spread the floor, opening up the driving lanes more, that I think we'll have the talent (in addition to Sam) to exploit. This in turn should make for more opportunities for our 'Shooters' to get open, hopefully exploited by passing guards with good floor vision (vs seemingly getting all bunched up, along with the defenders, under the basket last year). No doubt those with a better understanding of the x's & o's will have a lot more input. We (and the B1G) will see.
:Cheer2: :Cheer2::Cheer2:

Red Don

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It might be difficult to leave soph transfer Jaz Shelley out of the starting line up. :Redface: