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WBB Scout Team

Red Don

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There are only eleven players on the Roster. :eek: Grad Transfer Kristian Hudson (FIU) required subsequent surgery ending her season. :(

There can be up to 15 players on scholarship but:
' Williams also announced on Friday that senior Darrien Washington and juniors Rachel Blackburn and Bria Stallworth will not be on Nebraska's active roster in 2018-19, although all three will be enrolled and on scholarship at the University while they complete their undergraduate degrees'
We'll lose two Seniors to graduation (Maddie and Darrien) and have 3 players signed for the incoming class so we should be able to add one or maybe two more players next year if Coach Amy wants (I'm not sure about the status of Hudson, whether her eligibility has expired or if she wants to return).

(I was curious about that too & had to look it up to be sure. :Redface:)