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WBB Rule Changes being considered 2023/24

Red Don

Staff member
10 Year Member

Point of emphasis
Committee members are concerned about the uptick in bench decorum and misconduct incidents that took place during the 2022-23 season.
There were significant increases in intentional fouls, technical fouls and disqualifying fouls last season.

  1. If a proposal by the NCAA Women's Basketball Rules Committee is approved for the 2023-24 season, women's basketball players judged to have flopped would be issued a warning on the first offense, with a technical foul being charged for any subsequent infractions.
  2. After a thorough discussion, rules committee members recommended reducing the restricted-area arc from 4 feet in the lane to the area directly underneath the basket. Defenders cannot establish a legal guarding position directly underneath the basket. The proposal would also eliminate the lower defensive box rule.
Other Recommendations:
  • Players would be allowed to wear numbers 0-99.
  • Schools would no longer have to submit a waiver for players to wear religious headwear, provided it is safe for competition.
  • An amber light strip would be permitted on the backboard to signal the end of a shot-clock period.
  • An optional rule would allow for live video to be transmitted to the bench area. This has been an experimental rule for the past two years.
  • A new class of technical fouls would be assessed to the team and not an individual offender. Delay-of-game warnings and flopping will fall under this category.
  • When the shot clock is off at the end of a quarter or overtime, officials would use the game clock to determine when a 10-second backcourt violation has occurred.
  • A permissive rule would permit conferences to implement an off-site collaborative replay system to assist game officials with replay situations.
  • The shot clock would be reset to 20 seconds or the time remaining, whichever is greater, when there is a foul by the nonshooting team, but not against the shooter, during a try in flight that does not strike the ring or flange.
  • Defenders would be prohibited from placing their body on the ball handler/dribbler.
  • Officials would be allowed to use replay throughout the entire game for off-ball foul scoring plays; the review would be conducted during the next media timeout or intermission.


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