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WBB Game #6, (W, 65-53), Fri, 11/26 vs DREXEL, @ San Diego, CA, 6 pm CT, No Video Available (Game Thread/Recap)


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This link will have the BB game on it. I'm listening to it now, so it does work.

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Sorry, quote function isn't working. (along with some other things :wink:)

And the team only scored 65?

Shots were not falling, especially at the beginning when Drexel jumped out to an 8-0 lead. (were we just off or were the shots well-defended?)

Not having seen the game, I'd like to see us develop our inside game more (rather than relying on treys)

Also, not seeing the game, I wondered just how the heck we won with a 2-20 turnover disparity (0-17 points on turnovers). and 1-12 steals disparity. (We did well at Points in the Paint (22-24) though; and Great at rebounding (51-33) and Good in Second Chance Points (13-7).

Hope to be able to See today's game vs San Diego and get a better feel for the team's development vs better competition.


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Sorry, quote function isn't working well.


The only problem I see with that is you are listening to their announcers calling the game, right?

I like listening to Matt & Jeff's call; But if the Husker App isn't working, I guess any port in a storm. :wink:

Yes, it was their announcers and I want to clarify. When I clicked on the Drexel game it took me to their athletic site. Well, it looked different than most athletic sites so I scrolled down and saw that they showed the games/matches with sound symbols for several days. Our game was there and that's what I clicked. It's kind of a simple system because you don't have to go to the individual pages. If you want to see what I mean go here and scroll down. :Smile:

Oh, and you don't have to use the quote function, just use the reply function. :Rockon:

Why don't you try listening to some of the in state radio stations that carry the games.

Dang, I knew about this but had forgotten it. Thanks bug. :Smile:
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