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WBB Game #24, (L, 64-57), Sun, 2/4, vs (#10) Maryland (19-3) (8-1), @ PBA, 2:00 pm CST, BTN PLUS

Red Don

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Maryland is good, no doubt about that. At this level it comes down to which team has the Hot Hand!

Rebounding was lop-sided, but if a couple of easy lay-ups and open treys had fallen it could have been a much different outcome.


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Sounds like the ladies hung in and played strong against the top team in the conference and one of the top teams in the country.

Sorry about the loss girls but you show a lot of grit and determination and that will carry you a long ways. Way to bring these ladies around to being such fighters Coach Amy. :thumbsup: All of HUSKER NATION is proud of you and your (our) team.

Congratulations on a heck of an outing today CORNHUSKERS!

:Mfclap: :Cheer2: :Rockon: :Cheer2: :Clap: :Cheer2: :Hooray:


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Excellent game when considering where we were last season. We had too many giveaways in the first half, airmailing several passes, and missed too many make-able shots from the post.

As usual, the team and players perceived to be better seemed to get the benefit of some calls / no-calls; but, our players need to earn that treatment. The OOB call at the end was egregiously missed...their player was clearly over the back/shoulder with an arm to even tip the ball; and, her other arm was pushing our player in the back. Even then, their player was the one that pushed it out of bounds. Not sure we could have pulled it out; but, that was a key call in the game.


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Looking at the stats I see our foul ratio hurt; :(

but the TO ratio looks good. :)

FG's & 3 point FG's were pretty even. :nod:

Shoulda/coulda been eating turtle soup tonight. :Biggrin:

Red Don

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Standings          Conf.      Pct.    Overall   Pct.    Last 10    Streak

Maryland            9-1        .900    20-3      .870    9-1       W5
Ohio State          8-3        .727    19-5      .792    7-3       W3
Nebraska            8-3        .727    17-7      .708    8-2       L1
Purdue              7-3        .700    16-8      .667    7-3       W3
Michigan            8-4        .667    19-6      .760    7-3       L2
Minnesota           6-4        .600    17-6      .739    6-4       L1
Iowa                6-5        .545    18-6      .750    5-5       W2
Rutgers             6-5        .545    18-7      .720    5-5       W1
Penn State          5-6        .455    14-10     .583    5-5       W1
Indiana             5-6        .455    12-12     .500    5-5       W4
Michigan State      4-7        .364    14-10     .583    3-7       L5
Northwestern        2-8        .200    9-15      .375    2-8       L5
Wisconsin           2-10       .167    9-16      .360    2-8       L2
Illinois            0-11       .000    9-16      .360    0-10      L12