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WBB Game #20, (W, 52-42), Sun, 1/21, @ Rutgers (#27) (17-4) (5-2), 5:00 pm CST, BTN Plus

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I have been really impressed by Jasmine Cincore all year. A lot of players, like Jas, and Darrien Washington have stepped-up B1G TIME and elevated their games a level or two this year!! :Bow: :Mfclap::Mfclap::Mfclap:

(Just listened to Jasmine Cincore being interviewed by Mat Coatney. What a well-spoken young Lady she is. I think we can all be proud so of our Husker Ladies)

Amy's RAIDERS DO IT AGAIN! BACK TO BACK WINS OVER RANKED TEAMS. TAKE THAT JEFF SAGARIN!!!!! :Stickouttongue::Stickouttongue::Stickouttongue:
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They were just talking to Jazz on the radio and asked if she likes New Jersey. Her answer, "I like Nebraska better."