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WBB - BTN Plus (Subscription)

Red Don

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Some one-half (14) of the Women's Basketball Games will be aired Only on BTN Plus this season; starting with the Women's Exhibition Game vs UN-Kearney on November 3rd. If you are interested in watching Women's Basketball it's time to think about subscribing. You can buy a monthly 'Single-School' Pass for $9.99 from BTN.


Starting your subscription in November and canceling by the end of February allows you to see all of the WBB games (4 mos - $40). Games are in Hi-def if you have a good internet connection.

Bonuses are the three Men's Basketball Games being aired on BTN Plus (Exhibition vs Wayne State on Nov 1st, Mississippi Valley State & Western Illinois), as well as any other 'Husker' sports shown on BTN Plus.

If the student announcers on BTN Plus are not your cup of tea, you can listen to Matt Coatney over the HSN game audiocast. I've had good luck syncing the audio to the video by listening to HSN on the 'Tune-In' app for the smartphone. (the 'Tune-in' app has better tools for pausing and advancing the audio sound track than the straight internet stream.)


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We did the BTN+ conference pass package for $14.95 last season as my wife is an Iowa grad and we attend some of the WBB games there. We did the same thing with the Nov-Feb subscription. Quality is good and streaming has always been solid...we have a Roku stick on the big TV to use for the streaming. I think our Roku was about $35 one time cost and doesn't require any other monthly charge...you'd have to pay for any of the services (BTN+, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) separately.