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WBB Blog/Media Thread

Weekly Press Conference, Sept 27, 2022

(Coach Amy Williams kicks off @ 10:45 am)

Here's some takeaways I happened to see elsewhere:
"sam's injury was a basketball injury. knee and will require surgery. stated it (the injury) was devastating for sam at first, but, with her strong faith, she is moving forward and is a vocal leader for the team. coach williams stated no one player will be able to take sam's place. giving sam all the support she needs to decide her future. jazz will be taking on more and has total faith in her court presence. talked about maddie krull........called her "unorthodoxed" but gets job done. discussed a bit on trinity brady (i believe she said her 4th year in the program but has played only a season and a few games?) also mentioned hilliard, however, really didn't say too much about them. in full support of maggie mendelson and her quest for excellence in vb. excited to have her join the team whenever that may happen. stay in touch with her all the time---works out great because callin hake is a roommate along with a couple other vb players. said Markowski has been working on her footwork and finishing better. talked about how they have raised the bar for the program moving forward."
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