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Way-Too-Early 2023 Best-Worst-Likely Scenarios

Not too unreasonable.

For me, that'd be best case. You might be able to talk me into 8-4 as a best case.

Worst case is 5-7 (I wanted to say 4-8, but I'm actually slightly tipsy from the Rhule-Ade).

Let's just say, somewhere in-between 5-7 and 7-5 is what I'm expecting.

Nobody in these threads seems to factor in injuries in their prognostications. So just remember in the last three years DONU:
-Has never made it through a year without a significant QB injury: And we seem to only have ONE QB that is Big 10 capable, and gulp, they want him to run the ball.....
-We have had an RB injured yearly
-We have had injuries every year in the O-line (starters).
-The TE many are saying could be a major component of a down the field offense is coming off not one but two knee injuries (Fidone). His backup is yet to be cleared to actually play in the fall (Transfer from Georgia). That leaves Boerkercher, great possession receiver but no threat to stretch the defense.
-Look at our roster, we are still very young, playing kids who are yet under physically developed against teams with older kids who have had the chance to grow/have S&C: mismatch again this year. More chance for injury.

In a very physical conference, where injuries are expected, other than NIU and La Tech, all of our other "winnable games are after 10/21 when bruises and injuries start to pile up and you need depth, which we are very short of.
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