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Watch site in KC

Purple Prof

I think Callahan’s West usually gets a good crowd - click their link below.

KC Nebraska Alumni Chapter Watch Sites

Your Alumni Chapter has KC covered with TV watch sites! If you visit any of these great places, tell them you are with the KC Chapter and post some game-day pics on social media (Twitter - @kchuskeralumni, Instagram - kansascityhuskers, Facebook -
facebook.com/kchuskers with their business and the KC Chapter social media handles.

Johnson County:
Callahan's West (83rd & K-7),
Coach's South (135th & Antioch)
Callahan's East (1 2843 W 87th St Pkway )
Minsky's (Olathe) Ridgeview (K10 & Ridgeview)
North of the River:
Minsky's Barry Road West (I-29/Barry Rd)
Minsky's Liberty (just north of Hwy 152 on Hwy 291)
Downtown KC - Minsky's City Market
Mid-Town KC (51st & Main) - Minsky's South Plaza
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Any of the Minskys are decent. Good pizza and pretty calm people. Not Vals pizza good but good


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If you are planning on going to the Plaza while you're there, you could do the Granfalloon. I'm pretty sure it's still a Husker spot.

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Gran Falloon is a legit Huskers watch site. Get the brisket nachos, and bring your checkbook (nothing on the plaza is cheap). Callahan's (no relation to Bill) has 2 locations on 87th street (I live about 2 miles from the east one near Pflumm, watched many games there), the wife of the original owner of Callahan's went to NU and held alumni gathering at Callahan's, which is how it got it's start as a Hukser watch site. Both Callahan's locations are a 15 minute drive from the Legends, food is average bar food but they do have $2.50 fireball shots during Husker games. And IMO Minsky's is better than any of the Valentino's EXCEPT for in the stadium.

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Lil' All 'N' and I were at the Callahan's on 87th a year ago this weekend and watched the Nebraska game there. First watch party he had been to. Food was decent and the crowd was good....not too crowded, but it was 11:00 am kick. It was the Michigan game, so the mood wasn't so good.