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But Moos will keep him around. Since he is retiring soon, I suspect that Moos wants to not be bothered with a search at this university for a new football coach in his last couple of years.
I don't think Moos will get a second chance to hire a FB coach, he will be asked to resign before Frost. :Sign2cents:
I hate it but I 100% understand the kid. He needs to do what is best for his future & his family. Going to a better program where he gets more exposure, less touches at running back and more touches at slot receiver 100% equates to better draft stock. Honestly, even as a die hard Nebraska fan... I would advise him to do the same.

I definitely understand the narrative of wanting to build a winning culture overtime...the problem is, the luxury of "overtime" doesn't exist. We need to start winning and we need to start winning now or the hole gets deeper and deeper to climb out of. If you run a company you can slow down growth or manage expenses / revenue while you're establishing your culture, you can't do that in CFB unless your a mediocre program with average expectations.

You can't keep sacrificing Ws while all of your talent transfers out because your losing accountability counsel only wants perfectly committed 18 & 19 year old kids in the program. You need to meet the kids where they're at and do the best you can with it. Get the best talent on the field and make incremental steps with your culture over time...and by the way, the biggest culture cure is winning.

I also think a huge problem is Scott wants to be boys with his players. He's too emotionally vested with AM and others on the team. Being too emotionally vested with your players and staff can lead you to be biased in your decision making and I 100% see that as a major issue with Scott's personality. You could almost see Scott agonizing in interviews over the switch to LM vs AM mid season... not saying that was the right or wrong decision but the problem lies with being too personally vested in that decision and it makes you wonder where else that is going on in the program. Are you going to be as direct with a player or coach about a mistake when they're a close friend...it certainly makes it harder, it's human nature. Nick Saban don't give a crab about ripping a player a new one if they mess up or making a switch at a position.

Hear me say, I fully think there is a way to love your players well and be there for them as young men and help them succeed in life but I think those boundaries need to be clear on and off the field and all the talk about "so and so being a great person" or "making a switch at this position was the hardest decision I've ever had to make" leads me to believe Scott does a bad job with those boundaries and it shows up in shortcomings... It's probably the same reason he didn't take Joe Burrow and won't bring a transfer QB in this year. Playing favorites is not fair to the rest of the team and I do think that is an issue with our program.

So to conclude, my opinion is probably worthless but... I'm tired of hearing about accountability and culture when the kids have yet to experience any level of success that gives them hope their hard work is paying off and Scott needs to be more of a CEO and less of a best friend.

Nail, meet hammer. Frost still clearly has a player's mentality. Just this year, he remarked about "what he wouldn't give to suit up one more time." He literally did suit up for practice at UCF and ran some Navy plays. He still wants his play to do the talking.

It's not in his nature to be a CEO-type. That's why when asked about discipline issues, he said "Grant and Jason used to take care of that stuff."

I honestly don't know if he can change his stripes at this point. That's why losing Wan'Dale would be such a big deal. He exemplifies the ready-made competitor Frost needs to flip the culture with personnel instead of process.
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Callahan can coach OL but this was always a damning report on that man...

If that is all it took for a guy to miss a Super Bowl, Barret Robbins had much deeper problems. Changing a game plan should not send someone into the abyss of missing a Super Bowl. A fragile self-esteem based society has more to do with it than anything.
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Gosh, The-Sky-Is-Falling narrative never ends.
Wan'Dale is Gon'Dale. Needs to be closer to home. OK, fine.
So can we instead now focus upon the guys that want to be here? If losing Wan'Dale is a black eye for HCSF, then why isn't the return of Domann, CTB and possibly Mills considered a good sign for Frost and his "culture"? You can't have it both ways.

Personally, I can't wait for spring ball so that we can focus on football again instead of the drama and hyperbole.
Hate to see him go, wish him all the best with his new team (so long as they're not playing us).

Great athlete & character/culture guy. My heart dropped just about through my stomach when I first read the possibility. Still wish we had him, but feel like we might be better positioned to weather this than I originally thought.
Most of us will have to deal with a sick parent... dealing with it during COVID-19 SUCKS. It colors everything, from "if I go home can I even visit" to "you aren't welcome because your exposure".

Reading this, if he does go somewhere close to home, I'll respect his decision more. It's gut wrenching to not be able to help.
Wan’Dale is gone and sounds like it had zero to do with Frost or anything culture related!

I don't think any reasonable person believes Frost ran him off or that he left because the culture was problematic.

The problem is that he's the guy you absolutely need around to build a winning culture. I also have no doubt that if Nebraska was the favorite to win the division next year instead of just hoping for bowl eligibility, he'd be back.
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Aside from his mother's COVID issue, I really can't say I blame him for wanting to transfer. How many times did we see him in the backfield in a goal-to-go situation this year, at least a dozen or so? What the hell were the coaches thinking putting a player of his stature as a RB in goal line situations?!?!? I think it was at Purdue when he got dinged up good scoring a TD when the ball should have been given to a true RB in a goal line situation.


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