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Wandale to Purdue?

Ellis Boyd Redding

Travel Squad
5 Year Member
As a Purdue alum, I will say the student athlete experience at Purdue is nothing like the experience at Nebraska.

If he lands there, he either doesn’t understand that (yet), or it is purely because someone has convinced him he will become the next Rondale Moore and will improve his NFL stock (unfortunately he will also learn he isn’t at the same level as Moore).


Currently living in the Mid-South. I do not want DONU to compete with him at Purdue. However, Purdue is a better university than UK or WKU. However, his mom lives in Frankfort--a 1/2 drive to Lexington. She could see 1/2 of his games if he goes to UK. I think we all wish him the best and, his "interview acumen" was phenomenal his first year. He has all of the P.C. "right stuff" to be a big hit if he has a good NFL handler. His demeanor and calmness was, well, remarkable IMHO.