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Walk- Ons

Power of Corn

Scout Team
10 Year Member
I know we have approx 75 walk ons, prob the biggest walk on program in the country, by a long shot.

But I have to wonder how much its really helping us ? By that, I mean.... can our coaches handle managing
that additional # of players. I know its difficult to manage 85 players alone, but 160 ? Are they spending 90
minutes per day with walk ons, that could have been spent with scholarship players who have a more
realistic chance to play. ?

I don't have the answer, and am NOT speculating that its a problem, Im just asking the question, because
it does take more time, there is no doubt about that. Time spent with the 2 deep is precious, and there
is not enough time as is. Should we have a few additional analysts spend more time with the walk ons, so
to increase our position coaches amount of time with the 2-3 deep players ?