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Vote for Nebraska as best student section in the country. UNO is currently beating UNL.

All their votes seem to come from Leavenworth St. Hmmm. Me thinks something funny is going on here. Has anyone seen Trev Alberts lately?

Anyone know how the numbers looked before the poll closed? I suspect UNO's bot (nerd) was busy today with nothing to do. (ie: gainfully employed at a gob, I mean a "job".
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Oh, and tennis sucks.

Actually, it pleases me to hear you say that. Whether you like it or not, you are helping to pay for things like tennis shoes, tennis balls, tennis shorts and tennis racquets for tennis players! And knowing that makes me want to giggle a little bit!

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University of Nebraska at Omaha
UNO Maverick Maniacs
2017 NCSSA Student Section of the Year

The NCSSA annual #LoudAndProud competition is hosted every year to determine which school is the Student Section of the Year based on voting. The University of Arizona won the inaugural competition in 2015 and the University of Florida won last year. With over 40,000 votes cast last year, the NCSSA is excited for the growth of this national competition. Stay tuned for more information.

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