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Volleyball Team Getting Back To It In The Sand / Wraps up Beach Season in California


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Match 2 LSU def. Nebraska 5-0
  1. (LSU) Claire Coppola and Kristen Nuss def. (Nebraska) Annika Albrecht and Lauren Stivrens (21-15, 21-17)
  2. (LSU) Haleigh Nelson and Hunter Domanski def. (Nebraska) Jazz Sweet and Kenzie Maloney (21-14, 21-9)
  3. (LSU) Olivia Powers and Maddie Ligon def. (Nebraska) Kelly Hunter and Sami Slaughter (21-13, 2220)
  4. (LSU) Emmy Allen and Megan Davenport def. (Nebraska) Allie Havers and Jasmine Schmidt (21-13, 22-20)
  5. (LSU) Emily Hardesty and Gina Tillis def. (Nebraska) Chesney McClellan and Hayley Densburger (21-13, 21-16)


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NU is ranked 28th this week

How many beach volleyball teams are there? #28 may not be that impressive.

Of course...Coach Cook uses beach volleyball for spring conditioning for the fall season and as a recruiting tool. ;)