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Virus with this site again?


All Legend
15 Year Member
Never has been fixed
Wouldn't go that far... but it was gone from my mobile devices for about a month or two, but now involves both and make HM forums virtually unusable. Also, the first go around it only affected my iPhone, and not my iPad. Now both. And I have only ever had it happen on HuskerMax.

Sodak Dick

5 Year Member
I get the awful Amazonpopup that takes over all of Safari on my iPhone but not with Firefox. No idea why, but makesHMax unuseable on Safari.


Red Shirt
5 Year Member
It went away for a while but now I can't get on the site via mobile device anymore. Pop up happens every time without fail


Feral Cat
20 Year Member
More days that not for several months now. Android.

I've learned to accept disabling popups as part of the HuskerMax experience. :)