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Verlander for MVP?


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Typically, I don't think pitchers should be eligible for MVP. To me, that's what the Cy Young is for. But every now and then I'll listen to the argument. Thought Pedro should have won it in '99 with those insane numbers that read like a mis-print: 23-4, 2.07 ERA, 0.923 WHIP, 313 K's. (which were better numbers across the board than Rocket had in '86 when he won MVP)

Does Verlander get some consideration this year? 21-5, 2.34 ERA, 0.910 WHIP, 224 K's, 223 IP, with a handful of starts left to go. Tigers are 22-8 in games he's started, and 54-54 in all others.

No hitter is really running away with the title, I suppose Bautista currently holds the torch, and would be most deserving as well. Miguel et al still have a good chance with about a month left to make a case.

The question for the board is: can Verlander do anything in the remaining weeks to win the award, or is it Cy Young or nothing for pitchers?
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though i consider pitching wins to be the absolute worst statistic in sports (ummm.... it's a team sport... )... if verlander could get to 25.. well... okay... yes, he should be considered (maybe)... how's that?! :D

actually, i'd probably consider adrian gonzalez in the NL first right now.