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USMNT vs Trinidad & Tobago (10/10/17) Update: Flooded Pitch

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So, I'm sitting here watching a Bundesliga game on FS2, and the commentator is none other than Steve Cherundolo, the Mayor of Hannover. It got me thinking, why aren't there more Cherundolo's in the USMNT bullpen? Guys that made a good career playing in Europe with middle of the table teams. No doubt, Cherundolo could have come to MLS in his early 30's, made more money, and been a star for some random MLS team. Instead, he stayed at Hannover, and became a cornerstone figure on the backline for close to a decade. When did that mindset change with USMNT players?
He married a German girl and that was a huge reason why he stayed in Germany. Is also the assistant manager at Hanover with a decent chance of becoming the head coach some day. Oh and Captained the team towards the end of the career.

As for MLS we disagree but that is okay.