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USMNT vs T&T: WCQ (6/8/17)

Red Reign

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Unfortunately, Mexico has the guns up top to make us poop all over ourselves.

But, I'm hoping for the best.:confused:
Its going to be tough in Azteca as we both know.

On the positive side we are 2-0-1 in WCQ and 4-0-2 since Bruce's return.

With that being said it was always going to be hard in Azteca it always is. A loss won't be devastating a loss tonight would have been. We have 5 games left in the Hex and other than Mexico should be favored and get a result in the other 4.

Bruce is turning the ship around as most of us knew he would however, as we saw tonight still work to do and unfortunetly more than likely at this point in time not good enough to beat Mexico. Funny how people were laughing at EL Tri who were struggling a few years ago. I am hopeful we can make a turn for the better like they did.

Bottom line is to qualify for the WC and I believe we are on the way to doing that with 7 points in the 3 games since Bruce return.

Like you I am also hoping for the best but am also realistic at where we are now but it's getting better
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