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Red Reign

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I suspect he is not interested in being a co-coordinator with Luke Fickel....:) He is now declining to comment on if he has talked to Bo or not....before it was 'no'.....;) Maybe this will happen after all.....:cool:

Former Arizona coach Mike Stoops says he would consider the Nebraska defensive coordinator's job if it is offered to him.

He declined to comment on whether Bo Pelini had discussed a job with him but added, "I talk to Bo a lot."

The 49-year-old Stoops said 21st-ranked Nebraska, which would have three straight 10-win seasons if it beats South Carolina in the Capital One Bowl, would be the type of place he's looking to work.

"They're awfully good, and Bo has a great defensive mind," he said. "Those are important elements to me, as well as having an opportunity to win at a high level."

Stoops said he watched Nebraska three or four times on television this season and was impressed.

"Bo has a certain style he likes to play, and it's very effective," Stoops said. "We saw them in a bowl game and they got after us pretty good."

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/sports/art...aska-defensive-coordinator.html#ixzz1fn40xciB

I think we got him, RR. There's no way he goes back to Norman to be "Co" DC nor does he go to OSU for the very same reason. If I was a betting man, I'd put my money on it. You?

I hope so and I hope it's announced quickly so he can get out there and recruit. The longer this drags on the more I get the feeling this will be an internal hire. Nothing against JP, but I am ready to get a proven coach on staff, not someone who may be great/good/average/bad. With Stoops, it's a known quantity. The article listed above regenerates some hope for me. The denial!

This would be a great hire. Do assistant coaches ever get incentive based contracts? Maybe, they are working on a lower salary, but work incentives into the contract.

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