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Update [10/07/2021] Need Prayers for Mom


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My mother is dealing with resurgent cancer. She'd been in remission for a few years from bladder cancer but the doctors have discovered a massive tumor in her lung that escaped her regular scans for quite some time.

Currently, they feel like it's inoperable, but are considering options for chemo, radiation, etc., to try and shrink the growth so that an extraction may be possible.

Like a lot of these things, it'll probably be an ongoing, arduous road so our family would appreciate any prayers.

---Update 10/07/2021---

It looks like her bladder cancer has metastasized into her lung. In some respects, that's better than a new case of unrelated lung cancer.

The doctor is pushing for immunotherapy, which has had some really positive results with bladder cancer patients. Some can live for decades and while the cancer always remains, it's kept in check by the body's own immune system.

The big caveat is getting insurance to authorize the treatment. Like everything in medicine, it's just a question of funds.

If she cannot get the immunotherapy, the alternative would be chemotherapy but the doctors are giving her about a year to live if that's the case.

Please continue to pray that the insurance will authorize her treatment and that she'll be able to get to a point where the cancer is kept in check. She is in her early 60s, and could have many more years ahead of her if this treatment can proceed and work as planned.
I pray she gets the treatment she needs Duck, what a terrible situation :/
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